Batteries, the small parts matter

I had a call from a Dog Guard customer I had not met, who has had his fence since the early 2000’s, he was not sure.  He told me that after many years, his receiver had stopped working.

He has been getting his batteries from the “Battery Store”.  When I saw this, the first thing I did was to replace the new batteries from the store with a Dog Guard battery that is made solely for our DG9XT and DG5000 receivers.  The receiver worked like a champ.  Eby Jeb 1

Dog Guard Batteries are tack welded together to ensure positive contact.  If you were to remove the shrink wrap on them, you will see how this is done.  Where the batteries are located is engineered for our batteries also.  Batteries heat up and expand a bit when in use.  We have had non Dog Guard batteries expand to a point that the threads on the battery cap or receiver were damaged.  A stack of loose batteries fall out of alignment and there is no current.  Martin, Pedey

At Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard, a battery costs $10.00, every battery has 6 tack welds and then shrink wrap added.  There is nothing better for your pets safety than the battery that is made for your dog’s receiver.  With Dog Guard, only the best is good enough.

Take care,

Ken BrandsDalgarn, Jack 1