The problem with traditional fences


I had an estimate the other day with a man who was irritated that he was talking to me.  He was not irritated with me, he was irritated with the chain link fence in his backyard.  His dogs were able to look at the fence and figure out a way to get through it.  His dogs figured out they can dig under it.  I have installed 3 fences in the past year where the customer had either purchases a house with a fence or had a traditional fence installed to contain their pets.  Dogs will dig under, jump over or the really clever ones will bounce off the gate until it opens.  If they don’t open the gate, they wait for it to not close properly and then they are off on an adventure.

A Dog Fence works for many reasons.  First the pets cannot see it, they know something is there, but unlike a physical structure, they cannot plan a way around or over something they cannot see.  Second, there are no other places in the world that creates a sound and a very annoying correction.  The third reason is it is very consistent.  Your pet will get the same correction in the same area at the same strength every single time.  A large part of this due to the coded signal that T4 Transmitter sends out.  By removing the risk of stray signals activating the receiver with our coded signal and the 14 gauge solid copper wire used in the ground; your pet will know exactly where they can and cannot go and what will happen if they do go where they shouldn’t.

All pet fences sold and installed by “Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard” come with a 90 pet containment guaranty.  If you are not completely satisfied with how your pets are contained in your yard, you get your money back.  All of it.

Tell your dog I said hello,

Ken Brands