Things I have learned

There are traits that can be found about any group of people. In this case I am talking about my personal observations of the mutual attitudes that people who call me about a fence have. Without exception that I could observe, they all want to give their dogs more room to roam and play, while keeping them safe.

When I opened Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard, it was a very good business that met the various items or characteristics I wanted in a business. Last year about this time I was doing a second training with Ken & Connie, my friends at Cactus Creek Barn. I told Ken that I was going to install a fence at my house after the training session. He immediately asked if I was looking for a dog. That is how “Joe” came to live with me.

Since then, I have learned lots that my customers already knew. Coming home to someone who is always glad to see me is just the start of things that have improved in my life. I often say that Joe is 100% obedient, 80% of the time. While he has never chewed anything up, he does have a place he hides his treasures, such as my shoe. He will want to play at a moment’s notice and wants to stop just as quick; always fun. He enjoys going for walks and has become a large part of my exercise program. He really is a great friend. I would be a fool to not realize how much more I enjoy life and being home, with him here.

If you were wondering what characteristics I might have been looking for in a business, one of the most important is good karma.