My dog “Joe”. He came to live with me on 1/27/15 and he is 8 years old.


Welcome to “Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard”. Hopefully you have found answers to your questions regarding me, my business and the Dog Guard products that I sell. If not, please use the “contact us” link on my website and I will get you an answer.

This blog is going to focus on most things “dog” and pet containment. I know that is not surprise. It will have a lot of the same information that you can find on my Face Book page, but it will not be a carbon copy. It will give me a chance to brag a bit about the dogs I have worked with, along with their owners.

I intend to have some fun with this also. While keeping chocolate away from your dog and heart worm prevention are paramount, it has nothing to do with why we love our dogs. Dogs add a quality to life that cannot be easily be described to someone who has not had a dog. I can talk about that aspect very well, my dog “Joe” is the first dog I have had, outside of about 4 weeks when I was in the 1st grade.

I am looking forward to seeing what this grows into, I am always open to suggestions, please send them.

Tell your dog I said “Hi”,
Ken Brands